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    eye strain




      I have a Notebook with Intel Core i7 4710 - Intel Graphics 4600 and external Nvidia Gforce GTX 850M for about 2 weeks now. I connect the Notebook on two different places per HDMI with nearly three year old lg monitors. With my old Notebook (Intel Core2Duo and Nvidia Gforce 9500GT) I had not any problems with this two monitors. However when I connect one of the two monitors with my new Notebook I get eye strain and headache. Of course I use the right resolution FullHD and tried out different brigthness and contrast adjustments in intel graphic properties. OS is Windows 7 Prof x64  and the newest drivers are installed. Version:
      Nearly two months ago I purchased an other Notebook with Intel Core i7 4700MQ - Intel Graphics 4600 and Nvidia Gforce GT755 M. I had the same problem there and so I sent it back, because I thought that the Notebook has an defect. I tried out Windows 7 and Windows 8 and had the same eye problems in the two different OS.
      Now I do not really know what the problem exactly is, because I have these problems with two different Notebooks on two different external LG Monitors and the integrated Displays of the Notebooks. But I thinkt the problem is the Intel HD 4600. Maybe that there is something wrong with the driver.
      Do you have any ideas about this? Couse  I can't purchase and send back new Notebooks all the time.


      Sorry for my bad english

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          Hi Lucio


          Because you are having the eyestrain issue with different systems and displays, it is possible that you may need to have your vision tested. It is possible that you may need reading glasses or if you already have glasses have your prescription evaluated. I have to use reading glasses when working at the computer and if I don't use them I experience the same symptoms you are experiencing.




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            Well, but the problem is that I do not have these problems with my older notebook and the same! monitors. I have not any eye problems with displays or monitors till now. I only have them with my last two notebooks and intel hd 4600 as the only mutuality. I don't have any problems with other PCs and Notebooks, etc connected to my LG monitors.
            Hm. I'm pretty sure that I currently have glasses with the right prescription now.


            Thanks for your answer.

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              Hi Lucio

              OK, thanks for the additional information. Are the external displays or the laptop displays blurry or something? Is the text/font really small? Does the issue occur with any particular application , video, or game? Does the issue occur when you use only the NVIDIA graphics on the system?




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                No nothing is blurry. Everything seems to look ok. Its the same text/font as I had all the time. Since that this is a Notebook, I couldn't find an option where I can disable the Intel graphics controller.


                Yes the problem occurs in every application, but due to the fact that I couldn't disable the Intel card I tried out starcraft 2 for a few hours, because the nvidia card is used at gaming - I hadn't any eye troubles or other issues then. So I really think, that the problem is the Intel HD 4600.

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                  Well It looks like that I'm not the only person with this troubles. But whats the solution? Never buy any Intel based Notebook any more? Thats impossible.
                  Intel HD graphics hurt eyes, not LED displays - Laptops - Graphics & Displays


                  I really need a solution für this problem.

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                    lucio15, Another question, what is the desktop font size on your system? Could it be the font is too small causing the strain?


                    Also,, I believe you should be able to disable the Intel HD Graphics in your system BIOS and use just the NVIDIA graphics.




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                      Well, on my older notebook is Win 7 x86 installed. On my new one. Win 7 x64. I've checked everything. It's the same fontsize, font, colourtheme, etc.It's even the same desktop background. It's absolutely the same configuration, the same monitor, the same hdmi wire and so on. There is no difference at all. And yeah. The fontsize is not too small. It's really the same I use for years now.


                      I asked the manufacturer of the Notebook. They sad, that there is no chance to disable the Intel HD Graphics in Bios. I also found no option there.


                      Maybe the problem is a kind of subconcious flickering. But I've absolutely no idea what the problem is.
                      The symptoms aren't just the eye strain, also the headache and sickness. I don't think that a fontsize can cause this.


                      But I really need a solution. Because I'm studying technical physics and I'm working on my master thesis about computational physics right now. I really need a notebook with very good hardware and a desktop pc is unfortunately no option.

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                        Perhaps it will work better if you adjust your font with Microsoft*’s ClearType or changing the refresh rate in Intel® HD Graphics control panel.

                        ClearType: frequently asked questions

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                          I adjustet clear type a few times - doesn't make any difference for me. Also nothing looks blurry.
                          Refresh rate is 60hz


                          I don't think that there is an easy answer.

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                            Well. In the meantime I don't really think that the problem is the Display or Graphics card any more. Cause I get the same symptoms even when I'm next to the notebook but not looking on the display.


                            Do you have any other ideas which can cause the issues? But I'm definetily sure that the problem is the notebook, because as I already sad, I don't have any of this symptoms when I'm using my old notebook.
                            But I know how weird my story sounds. I'm an technician too and also repaired and maintained many notebooks - no problems at all till now.

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                              It could be related to brightness, contrast, ambient light or glare/reflections from the screen.

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                                well. as I already explainend. I'm definetily sure about that's it's none of these problems: brightness, contrast, ambient light or glare/reflections from the screen.

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                                  Well I think that some Intel Guy really knows what's going on here. So many people are complaining about the same issues - just google a bit. And it can't be an other reason than the grapics card or driver. Cause as I always mentionend, I'm using the same old monitor at the same place with same brightness, contrast and everything else and no issues at all with my old notebook and nvidia card.

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                                    lucio15, did you find any solution? Seems i have similar problem.

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