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    IR on D54250WYK - how do I know if it works?


      Hi there,


      I had an Ubuntu box with built-in IR receiver.

      I installed XBMC and used a generic MCE RC6 compatible remote control and all worked well.


      I have now bought a new D54250WYKH and installed W8.1 (not pro) and XBMC.  I installed the latest driver pack from Intel downloadcenter.  

      However, it seems that the remote control doesn't do anything.  It cannot power on/off the NUC and it doesn't do anything inside XBMC.


      Is there any software that I can use to check the IR receiver output?  Is there anything that will show me that what my remote control is sending is really MCE compatible?


      If anybody can help with that or suggest something that I could try I'd be grateful.




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          Hi webj, it should work in Windows* as long as you have installed the CIR drivers and the remote control is compatible.

          I was able to increase volume, mute, and choose a file from the desktop and play it; I used the first model in this list.

          • RC1534035
          • TSGH-IR02
          • TSHD-IR02
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            Dear joe_intel,


            Thanks a lot for the response.   Unfortunately, I have just ordered a new remote that isn't on your list -

            HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control TSGH-IR07 but www.quietpc.com claim that it works with the D54250W so I wait with bated breath.


            In the meantime, would something like Event Ghost at least be able to tell me if my IR receiver is working?  I tried to use it but with no joy. I'd appreciate if somebody with some experience of the program let me know if it s possible to use it (now I don t know if it s my problem or the IR receiver's problem).





            for the very patient:

            I also did some searching on the PC and ended up with the following:

            On W8.1, I went to Control Panel/Category view.  I click on View devices and printers and under devices I see a few devices and my NUC.  I go into my NUC and under Hardware I find Device Function Consumer IR Devices.  I double-click here and I find driver 6.3.9600.16384 from 21/06/2006.  Is that normal?


            I then again went Control Panel/Category view and selected Hardware and Sound and then Device Manager.    Under HIDs I find Microsoft eHome IR Transceiver (6.3.9600.16384 from 21/06/2006)and Nuvoton SIO CIR Driver (2.4.2913.711 from 11/07/2013). I uninstalled both drivers and rebooted.

            I expected W8.1 to realise something was missing and reinstall the drivers.  This didn't happen.  I then tried to add device and Windows found nothing.

            I went back to Device Manager and saw that I had an unknown device.  I then installed the latest drivers from the download center and the driver versions were back to the versions before I deleted them.  Does that description sound as if it's expected behaviour?  many thanks for your time

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              Sorry, additional question arising from my forum searching.  Does the D54250WYKH receiver have a LED?  If I'm pressing a key on the remote should I see a blinking LED on the D54250WYKH?



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                The driver versions you have are good but the LED does not blink (in the human visible spectrum).

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                  I have the same problem with D34010WYKH2. The eHome driver is installed in Device Manager, but the HP remote (model Rothko) does nothing at all..


                  There are some hints on the back to synchronize with the receiver, keep "i" and "#" pressed for 5 sec at 6 cm distance, but instead of 2 blinks for OK, the remote led remains ON.


                  I really don't know what to do more..

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                    I'm afraid that I stil haven't been able to solve this either.  I received a HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control TSGH-IR07 and this failed as well.


                    I'd still like to know if there is a recommended way of checking the remote control IR receiver output i.e. a program that can show the codes being received by the IR receiver.

                    If this program could just show that something is coming out of the receiver, Windows compatible or not, it'd be a step to debugging this.


                    I also see that there is another similar case (albeit not the same NUC) reported -IR remote control for DN2820FY so I guess that there'd be at least three people happier if such a program existed.


                    BTW, I even upgraded to 8.1 Pro to see if it'd change something but with no luck.


                    Any suggestions anybody please?  If there's nothing else to try I'll just have to ask for a replacement.




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                      OK, for my case I figured it out, the HP remote I have, model Rothko that came with my Envy Recline is not an RC6 IR remote, even if it looks identical outside.


                      Actually, it works only with my HP AIO, because it's an 2.4GHz remote that works with the USB stick of the keyboard and mouse.


                      For your problem, I suggest to check if the IR is enabled in bios, update to the latest bios version (there were some fixes for the IR) and also install openelec on a stick and boot it up, because it has all IR drivers included in kernel and check it there.


                      Good luck!

                      r, Romania

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