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    Can't get audio to work on DC32171YE


      I'm trying to get my NUC working with Windows Media Center. Running Windows 7 with latest updates. So far so good, except the audio. I'm struggling with the drivers and getting WMC to detect an audio device. I completely removed and re installed the drivers for the 4000 series graphics (latest drivers from the Intel site). It is not replacing the Windows driver for audio. When I manually update the to the Intel drivers Device Manager thinks it's working fine. The audio controls (right click on the volume control, select Playback Devices) say "No audio devices are installed." If I revert to the Windows driver I see two Digital Audio devices under Playback Devices. In this WMC is telling me it can't detect an audio device. (This could be a different issue with my HDMI connection to my receiver, based on other posts I've read here.)

      Should I be using the Windows driver rather than the Intel one? Why does Windows think there are no Playback devices when the Intel audio driver is installed?

      Couple of other small things: the model on the back of my NUC is DC32171YE. When I run the Intel system identification utility it comes back with D33217GKE. I'm not sure this matters as the drivers are likely the same. Mentioning it just in case it's relevant.