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    S3210SHLC will not POST.  4 flashing red lights




      As my title states, my S3210SHLC motherboard will not POST.  The board worked fine on Friday prior to it being powered off for the weekend due to impending thunderstorms.  The motherboard will trigger the PSU to turn on immediately as soon as there is power to the system.  For the record, that option in the BIOS was never enabled.  Also while the board is on (and not POSTing) the 4 lights between the VGA and the NIC flash red in unison.  I've tried about everything I can think of including placing the motherboard on a nonconductive surface, reseating RAM, clearing the BIOS, disconnecting everything except 8 and 24 pin power plugs and swapping the memory between slots.


      My biggest question is in regards to the 4 flashing red lights.  What does that flashing indicate?  I cannot seem to find any documentation about this motherboard except for the quick setup guides on the system DVD.


      I appreciate any help you are able to provide.

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          Hi there,


          If you would like to know the meaning for the LED, you will need to refer to the technical product specification.



          You will need to read the LED from MSB to LSB.

          Check the colour code from the Post Code Table.


          Now if you would like to do some troubleshooting, you will need to try these steps below:


          1. Clear Cmos by changing the jumper configuration and removing the battery as well and disconnecting the power plug.

          2. Try to recover the bios by reading on the TPS how to do it.

          3. Try some basic troubleshooting steps - removing the memory to see if there is any beep

          4. Cross testing the hardware like cpu, memory

          5. Boot system with minimum configuration


          All the best,