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    Hello every body



      any one help me please;
      my card is intel graphic 3000
      and total memory is 1664
      my ram is 8 GB
      and at sitting of pes 13
      how can this happen????????????

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          The feature that sets the amount of memory that is used for video is called Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology and this will make the graphics controller only to use the amount of RAM memory that it requires to run the different applications.


          In most cases, the computer manufacturer has already configured the system to use the maximum amount of graphics memory that is possible for your particular computer model. Sometimes you can change these values through BIOS level depending on the options provided by the system manufacturer in the setup screen. You may want to check with your computer manufacturer if there are tips on increasing the amount of graphics memory for your computer model.


          If you are interested in additional information see graphics memory frequently asked questions:

          Graphics — Graphics memory FAQ for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7*

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            thank you for your help

            but if you know away to increese it tell me please

            my laptop is


            model:pavilion g6-2318sx

            product num:D5N03EA#A2N

            if you know any information about it tell me please