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    DQ67SW BIOS update fails


      I don't know if anyone can help because I think I ended up with a board I shouldn't have.


      I have a DQ67SW which is showing to have a 0019 BIOS and it also displays "Evaluation Only" on the BIOS splash screen. I have tried flashing the BIOS through the flash util by hitting F7 on startup and selected the BIOS file located on a USB drive. This Fails with displaying "Flash update Failed!" for the process on firmware update but also displays a "Technical information: (0x800000000000012, 1758)"

      The same thing happens when I try iflash and the windows flash software. Just to note, I first tried using the lastest BIOS being 0067 and then tried 0032 just because I thought it might be best trying the oldest one listed for testing.

      The reason I want to update the BIOS is so I can use a new CPU I just got being a Pentium G2030 which will not post when installed.