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    Serial Number in Quark




      does Quark have a unique serial number that can be accessed via software? I would like to use it as part of an encryption scheme.



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          don't think so. The MAC address however should be unique (as long as you don't modify it)


          BUT: I guess there are other means to receive some entropy and a good seed?

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            Hi RELativity. Yes it does. However, access may not be so simple. The Winbond and Spansion flash devices (at least - there may be other SPI flash vendors) offer an opcode 4bh that is exactly what you need which is a 64 bit unique serial number. As noted, the next issue is how to extract this data from the SPI flash device. On another thread I mentioned the idea of bit banging out the details as per the SPI specification. Meaning that SPI is nothing more than a few GPIO pins toggling high / low to read/write data with the serial flash device. In theory, you should be able to do the same manually to input to the SPI flash, the 4bh opcode, then read out the data as per their respective datasheets. At this time of writing, do not have any concrete methods to do the above but do check if 4bh opcode is common to flash vendors. Our Galileo units are fitted with the Winbond W25Q64BV (which BTW is now EOL and will be superseded with another version) devices which will support the 4bh opcode. So does Spansion brand. Be sure to check the various vendors that Intel may have used before proceeding. Another suggestion is to consider creating your own "dongle" by applying similar unique serial number devices (ie/ check Maxim) and mate with the GPIO pins. Then bit bang away to have your unique serial #. Hope this helps.