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    Dithering, color banding using HD Graphics 4000 on lenovo thinkpad t530


      Hi there,


      [My problem]

      Gradients look bad on my laptop. "Bad" as in "color banding", "very strong dithering", especially when subtle gradients are involved.

      I use both the internal display and an external samsung SyncMaster T220, conncted with VGA. (The external Syncmaster did not show the error on my old laptop.)



      This happens systemwide, from desktop background to newly generated images in photoshop.

      I already updated my graohics driver via windows hardware manager and rebooted.

      I also executed the Lenovo Sytem Update tool, which updated my BIOS, and rebooted.


      What are my options here?



      graphics adapter = Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

      driver version =

      driver date = 17.05.2014

      Windows 8.1. Pro 64 Bit

      Lenovo Thinkpad T530


      Thanks a lot for any advice!