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    MFSYS35 with external sorage unit.




      I have a MFSYS35 with a single SCM module installed in it. This has the shared LUN feature activated.


      This is located  at remote site so I cant test this so need advise before I go.


      I have been given a HP P2000 storage unit that has dual SAS controllers to connect to the MFSYS35. I was also given a PCI HBA card with SAS connectors, which OI assume I cant use in the MFSYS35.


      Can I connect the P2000 to the SAS port on the SCM? I realise that as I have not got two SCM's installed that the 2nd SAS controller on the P2000 will not be used.


      I then assume I have to configure the RAID on the P2000, but will I then see this in the Modular Server Control management interface? And can I then assign this to the storage pool I have already?


      Will this external enclosure work with the shared lun feature?