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    Intel D201GLY2 bios update problem


      I have severe problems updating the bios on my D201GLY2 board. Even bios recovery does not work. The outcome of a bios recovery attempt (after transfering the LY0149P.BIO file to a FAT32 formatted USB stick):

      Current revision: LY66210M.86A.0122.2007.0822.2001

      updating to revision LY66210M.86A.0149.2008.1203.1545


      Preparing image for recovery firmware ...[done]

      Preparing image for main firmware ...[done]

      Preparing image for supplemental recovery area ... [done]

      Flashing image for recovery firmware ... [failed!]


      Flash update failed!


      Technical information: (0x80000002, 1317)


      I hope someone can help me: what is wrong here?