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    Which CPU?


      I want to upgrade to a newer faster CPU but I am confused as to which of the newer processors I should purchase.  The CPU I have now is a Intel Celeron D Processor 326, LGA775, 2.53GHz, 256KB Cache, 533 MHzFSB, UP only.  The motherboard it is on is a Foxconn 945G7MA-8EKRS2.  The Foxconn web site says that I may use Prescott, Cedar Mill and Smithfield processors.  I cannot find CPU's with those names on Newegg.  I would like to have a Dual-Core or Quad-Core processor if my motherboard will support it, but I am afraid to make a purchase without knowing exactly what CPU will work on my board?  I would appreciate any advice.  Thank you.

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          Your board will not support any new CPU's you will have to change the board to get a new CPU.

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            I belive those were the first Dual Core's, I have a Smithfield D 820 2.8GHZ in my old DELL E510.

            It will be very hard to find a Pentium D, maye eBay or something.


            And also, an upgrade of that CPU will be insignificant to todays technology...

            You will not notice much of a performance increase.


            Sorry, but that is the truth, I hate see you throw away money to find one.

            If possible, I would upgrade your board, ram & cpu...As you probably are using ddr2 667 or lower. which is the real concern.