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    335 Series SSD appears in Windows but not in Toolbox


      I'm trying to 'erase' an SSD using the Intel SSD Toolbox software (to prep it for sale). I'm using a Windows 8 VM via Virtualbox on my 2013 iMac to access the appropriate utilities in the Toolbox software. The drive appears in Windows just fine (My Computer, Disk Management, etc) and I can write files to it. However, it does not appear in the Intel Toolbox software. Any ideas?


      A few additional details in case they help:

      1) I'm using a Thermaltake Blacx (usb 2.0?) dock. Dock and cables work fine (tested on multiple machines).

      2) Windows wouldn't recognize the Mac OS Journaled formatted drive, so I reformatted to NTFS to get Windows to recognize it

      3) The Windows 8 VM is the "Modern IE" developer version used by us front-end developer types to cross-browser test


      I have access to some older Windows boxes via family members (albeit not immediate access), but since the VM allowed Windows to read/write to the drive, I'm assuming it's a quirk with the Toolbox software itself and not the VM setup?


      Thanks in advance!