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    D54250WYKH: Can't get 720p resolution on my LCD TV


      When plugging in my D54250WYKH to my 720p LCD. I do not get the option to set it to a resolution of 720p. I only get 852x480, 1024x768 and 1920x1080. I do not like the 1080p option because small details are hard to see. I can add it as a custom resolution because I get an error saying that it already exists. The Intel HD Graphics Control Panel finds 720p as a supported mode. Also my Surface Pro with Intel HD 4000 graphics detects 720p just fine.


      I have the latest drivers and BIOS. I download those yesterday. Any help would be appreciated.e


      These are the resolution options I get.
      available resolutions.png


      These are the modes detected by the control panel.
      Control Panel Settings.png