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    D54250WYK - Black screen


      I recently bought a NUC, D54250WYK and I have some problems.
      When I’m using, VLC or Plex Home Theater to watch a movie, after 45-60 minutes the screen turns black. It last a couple of minutes then it turns back to Windows desktop.
      The CPU doesn’t get hot (I’m running Core Temp when I’m watching the movie).
      It’s nothing in the event viewer.

      If I start the movie again, I can watch 20-30min, then the screen turns black again.

      My setup is:
      - D54250WYK
      - Samsung EVO 840 250GB mSATA SSD
      - Intel WLAN AC7260
      - Corsair 2x4GB CL9 1600MHz 1.35V
      - Windows 8.1
      - Graphics Driver
      - Pioneer plasma

      Is it problem with the graphics driver or a hardware error?

      Thanks in advance.