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    worthy successor mainboard of the Intel DH87RL


      Hello all,

      are there any plans for an worthy successor mainboard of the Intel DH87RL?

      I want to build a HTPC after august this year and the DH87RL board really fits my needs.

      I want to avoid buying one year old Hardware in case there are no hints or features about new series 9 media boards from Intel and I can’t find any helpful information so far.


      What I need are the following features:

      Micro-ATX board

      CIR (Consumer Infrared) port/header !!!! with wake up from S5 state!

      mSATA port/slot for Intel 525 SSD (system drive)

      min. 5 SATA ports (4 HDDs + BD drive)

      HDMI or at least DisplayPort for video playback

      Two dual USB header on mainboard (usb 2.0 is enough)


      actual key components:

      Intel DH87RL

      Intel Core i5-4670T (new i5-4690T with newer mainboard/chipset)

      Intel 525 SSD 120 GB mSATA (or m2 or whatever comes with series 9 chipset)

      IR receiver for CIR connector


      Kind regards.