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    Street Fighter 4 + x3100/GMA965 issues


      I have a notebook with a core2 duo, 3gb of ram and the GMA965/x3100 onboard card.


      I can play the game (street fighter 4) at 60 FPS (wich is the exact FPS that the game needs to run) if I set everything to low/off, 640x480, no v-sync and fixed framerates, wich I find simply wonderfull since SF4 is a new game

      However, there's an issue: Missing Textures. Ryu's fireball for example, can only be seem if I set the "model quality" to HIGH. This is really bad because if I set model quality to high I am now playing at ~40 fps, and if you played fighting games before, you know this is unplayable.


      I have tested this on windows XP, Vista and 7, and all of the have the same issue. Seems to me it's a driver problem because I tested the game on other VGAs (not Intel) and I was able to see all the textures on model quality LOW.


      Since in model quality HIGH the textures aren't dissapearing on x3100, it's clear to me that x3100 can emulate those textures fine, it just need a little tweak on the drivers so we can see all textures even on model quality LOW.


      If we were able to see all the missing textures on all types of model quality, it would be a huge plus, since the game will be 100% playable without a single problem.