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    No HDMI audio with Win7 RTM and latest Intel G45/43 Express Drivers


      My setup:

      • ASUS P5Q-EM motherboard
      • LG LCD TV via HDMI
      • Win7 RTM x64 (tried x86 and it was the same)
      • ATI OCUR tuner for TV
      • HDMI cable between TV and PC.  No other hardware in the mix (e.g. amps, splitters, etc).



      • Clean Win7 install (x86 or x64 - both OS'es show the same behavior)


      Initial Result:

      • There is a LG TV device which shows as an HDMI audio connection.  Most things are functional.  There is a little pixelation in the TV signal, especially on HD channels.


      In an attempt to fix the pixelation issue, I decide to upgrade to the latest Win7 Intel G45/43 Express chipset drivers from the ASUS web site.


      Secondary result:

      • The LG TV which shows the HDMI audio connection disappears and is replaced with "standard" HDMI and SPIDIF devices in the device list.  No audio is present.


      Expected result:

      • HDMI audio should work with the latest Intel chipset drivers.


      Other notes:

      • I ran the same hardware under the RC version of Win7 and was using the released Vista drivers at the time.  Everything ran very well.
      • On Win7 RTM, if I run the released Vista drivers, most things work.  Again, pixelation on the video is the most observable flaw.
      • I've also posted this at the ASUS forum, but so far nothing helpful.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!