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    Operating Temp?  Thermo paste?


      I just bought a new computer with a        Intel Core i7 920(2.66GHz).  I went to install a new case fan which came with a thermal sensor.  Directions said to install under the heatsink, so I put the sensor on top of the CPU and placed the provided thermal tape on top.  Started up the computer and the fan wasn't working properly, so I removed the thermal tape.  Now I'm wondering if the tape didn't remove the thermal grease (which I'm only just reading about now, did not know anything about heatsinks and thermal grease).  I installed the RealTemp program, it says my CPU is running at 75-80C (I have Folding@Home working in the background at the moment, running the quad-cores and GPU).  What temps *should* I be looking for during idle and running programs?

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          I would not run Folding without a properly seated heatsink.

          Your temps are way above my comfort zone for an overclocked CPU, let alone a stock clocked.

          I keep my i7 920 max at 62C overclocked to 4.0GHZ. Full load.


          The key is to use as LITTLE as possible. and keeping the base parallel to the CPU.

          The paste is to compensate for imperfections, microscopic Divits etc....

          so that heat can transfer into the heatsink & disapated into into fins, and blown out of the case.


          It's not rocket science, But really important to research, and pull every degree of temp out of the CPU.


          I personally use Arctic Silver Ceramique, and I recomend it due to it is NON-Conductive, And very effective.