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    Advanced-N 6205 keeps dropping - Dell Latitude E6420


      Hi there - first poster here !


      I have a Dell Latitude E6420 with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 and periodically, the wireless keeps dropping and the eventvwr shows :


      "Authentication failed due to incorrect security password (key) (WPA/WPA2)"


      it also shows :


      "Security mismatch with 11n. 11n is not in operation"


      ....but then it sorts itself out !!!


      Router is fine as i have an IBM laptop that runs perfectly and has never dropped


      Software versions show (according the Proset Help/About) as :


      Intel ProSet/Wireless Wifi Software14.0.2.0




      OS is running :


      Windows XP Pro version 2002 / SP3

      32 bit



      Has anyone else experienced the same and if so, can you advise me how to resolve please as its doing my head in and seems pretty flaky !


      Thanks in advance