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    PLEASE help me figure this out, been trying for three weeks (Video included of problem)



      I just finished building a PC, and have a nagging issue, that I have managed to ignore by using headphones. Whenever I connect my tv to my gtx 780 via hdmi, this happens:



      EVGA GTX 780 3gig

      Asus Z97-A mobo


      Win 8.1 64 bit


      What I've tried:

      Different HDMI cable

      Different TV (to make sure the problem isn't the tv)

      Different drivers for the video card

      No drivers at all for the video card

      Unplugging card and using just the mobo (there is no issue when I use just the mobo HDMI)

      Adjusting the audio quality via control panel to different hertz.

      Updating firmware of my tv

      Different BIOS drivers

      The GPU in a different system (it worked fine)

      Lastly, there is no issue if I use a 3.5 mm headphone, or a USB headset.


      The one workaround that semi-works is restarting the computer. Sometimes it will take 3 restarts, but then the issue disappears. However, from a cold boot, the problem is always there. I absolutely can't figure it out. I'm starting to think it's an intel audio conflict