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    D945GNT Problem with RAID Setting in Bios




      I have a D945GNT desktop Mother Board with 2 gig of RAM and two WESTERN DIGITAL RAPTOR 10,000 RPM SATA Drives.  In the last two and a half years, this configuration has failed to boot to Windows more than 5 times.  I am getting frustrated with it.  In the past, I had it configured to use RAID 1 because I was afaid the WD RAPTOR Drive technology was a lemon.  In the past, when it failed to boot correctly, I would go intot he bios (CTRL I) and remove one of the drives (Port 1) from the RAID array and then I could boot.   Then after booting, I would rejoin the extra drive to the array and it would run for a few more months and I would have to do it all over again when it surly would fail again.


      However, a few months ago, I didn't set it back up for RAID 1 and I left one drive degraded.  Today, it failed to boot again.  Windows starts up but after a few seconds it freezes on the WINDOWS XP Professional Screen and thats as far as it will go.   I tried to change the boot order and boot to the mirrored drive and that too, failed.


      It turns out I had to change the settings in BIOS to emulate IDE instead of RAID.  After making that change, the PC booted correctly again, but I can't setup my old RAID Config anymore.


      I have the two WD SATA Drives in Port 0 & Port 1 and I have a Mad Dog SATA DVD Writer on Port 4, leaving Port 3 open.

      I have WIndows XP Professional SP3.




      Please advise...


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