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    Problem with Windows 7 Intel 965 GMA drivers!


      There is some problem with the drivers available for Intel 965 X3100 chipset. In both default drivers with Windows 7 as well as the driver available on Intel site, the problem arises. I'm using Windows RC. I'm not able to get fullscreen while playing games, the aspect ratio is stuck. I get two black borders on both side. As my laptop screen is 15.4 inch wide, the game or any fullscreen application like a powerpoint presentation, the black borders arise.

      As we cant change the aspect ratio option in default drivers, so I installed the new drivers from the site. In the options the option in selected as fullscreen(no margin) but it doesn't work. I tried to change the option to any other selection like Center, but the option does not change, its stuck at the middle option for Fullscreen(No border) but nothing happens.

      I'm unable to get fullscreen! Please help out how to solve this issue.