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    Replacing a Raid 0 by a single SSD


      I would like to replace a Raid 0 of two 1TB hard drives running from a Intel ICH10R controller, installed in a motherboard Asus P6X58D Premiun and relpace it with a SSD.

      I plan to clone the Raid 0 with Drive Wire Universal hard drive adapter and Apricorn's EZ GIG IV software, then remove both hard drives from the computer and boot up from the SSD,

      my question is: will the SSD boot up from the Intel ICH10R controller with the same Raid setting?, if it boots up may I install both hard drives again, boot from the SSD and delete the Raid and run both hard drives as JBOD?


      I don't want to go through the Win 7 and all the applications installation  again, are there any risks in doing this?, I can't find information about how the Intel ICH10R works when creating or deleting a Raid, does it store the the Raid config in the controller? or the config just resides in the Raid or single disk alone.


      Any suggestions will be appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Hello Rcardalda, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.


          Regarding your situation, it is very important to find out if the software you are going to use to clone the RAID data, allow you to copy it to a single SSD. 

          This SSD needs to be set up on BIOS as RAID ready or AHCI, so please make sure you do this before you begin to transfer the information.

          Even though the original system and the new ASUS P6X58D have the Intel ICH10R controller, depends on the manufacture if the settings are the same. Some OEMs make some changes on their chipset settings.


          I do suggest you to backup all the information before doing anything with your RAID array.


          I cannot assure you the new system is going to boot using the previous Windows installation. We know the chipset controller is the same; however that’s something we can’t promise you it is going to work.

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            Thank you for your answer Syvia.


            The software I'll be using to clone the Raid to the SSD its included with this adapter, this is their web page:



            The Raid 0 I running is recognizad by Windowds 7 Professional 32 bits as Volume 0, just as one drive and the Bios it is set to Raid and I'll unplug the Raid after the clone is done.

            My plan is to see if the SSD boots, if it doesn't, I'll remove the SSD and reinstall back the Raid, do you believe I may have any problems doing it this way?

            Thank you again for your time.


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              Yes, you can clone the RAID volume into the new Solid State Drive, then you can disconnect the mechanical HDDs and the system should boot to the SSD with no problems, of course the cloning success depends on the software you are going to use.


              Now, if you leave the hard drives (HDD) with the RAID array connected to the system, the PCH will read immediately the volume information on them and the MBR, so it is possible that it boots to the RAID level instead of booting to the SSD.

              I suggest you to remove the HDDs and check if the system boots to the SSD. Then, you can connect the HDDs into a different computer, format them and then use them in the system with the Solid State Drive


              You can also check on BIOS if you can change the Hard Disk Drive boot order and make sure the SSD is on top.

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                Thank you Sylvia for your answer, I'll do it the way you suggest.

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                  You are more than welcome.