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    i5 3470 max temperature reaches up to 75c


      hello, my i5 3470 processor max temp reaches up to 75c while on full load . I'm currently using the stock cooler without any overclocking ... is this temperature safe ?

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          Hello xShad0w, thanks for contacting us through the Intel Communities.

          I would like to inform you that the temperature you are getting is normal when using the system at full load.  It could reach up to the 85c.

          Some recommendations I can give you are the following:

          • Make sure there is enough air flow on the chassis.
          • Put additional thermal paste if needed.
          • To make sure the CPU is not overheating, you can test the system out of the chassis. Check if the temperature is the same or if it decrease.


          If you want, you could also run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.  http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-031726.htm