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    Intel's Rapid Storage Technology


      I built a new system for a relative using the H87-G43 MSI board.  I have set up a SSD 64 GB to be used as a Caching disk using Intel's Rapid Storage Technology.


      I followed the set up procedure which required a BIOS change to RAID Mode before the OS was installed.  So I have one 500 GB drive that is  accelerated  and the 64 GB SSD that  is being used as the caching drive. 


      No errors or BSOD's when booting, I had to enable the drive in the Intel console for this(it sees the drive just fine) to work.  The Intel Rapid Storage Technology(Intel SRT) really improves boot times over just using the mechanical drive. It is not a performance issue I am having just a reporting issue I think.


      The question I have is about how Windows is reporting the drives in Device manager and computer management. 


      In device manager only the 500 GB drive is shown and it is shown as a SCSI device.

      In computer management only the 500 GB drive is shown.

      Both drives are shown in the Intel management console for this technology.


      The computer is running fine and zippy, I am just a bit concerned about the 500GB drive (SATA) being reported as SCSI.  Funny I downloaded SPECCY and it shows it as a SCSI drive as well using a 40 pin cable.  :grin:


      Any help, thoughts, ideas, or experience with this technology that could enlighten me would be very helpful. :confused2: