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    D34010WYK Power switch




      I use my NUC for a smart podium I have made.


      I use the D34010WYK for it's multiple USB 2.0 ports mostly, and it's capabilities suits me fine.


      My question is about the front panel 2.0 pitch header on the NUC's motherboard,

      which shows 9 pins (2 row x 5 sockets) for the power switch.

      I need to take the button to another mount-to-panel location in my podium for users to turn it on with out opening the podium.


      Can I alter the connection from the built-in button by Intel and make an extension to my podium outer frame?

      I looked at the technical documentation for this NUC on pages 40-50 but I don't know which swtich to use and how exactly to connect it..


      I heared it is possible though...is it?