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    7260HMWBN not detected on Windows 7


      On a brand new D54250WYK with Windows 7, 32 bits, I installed all drivers from the recent bundle (30 June), then updated the BIOS. Everything works fine.


      Then I inserted the 7260HMWBNWB card. When Windows started, it automatically downloaded some drivers, but the top one (network adapter) failed, while the others succeeded (bluetooth, etc.)


      I then installed the Intel PROSet/Wireless Bluetooth Software.


      The Intel Drivers Update Utility shows that the Wireless Networking Device is unknown or not supported - screenshot below


      Update Utility.jpg


      I then manually downloaded the driver for the 7260, installed, rebooted, but it did not improve the situation.


      I then opened the NUC, took the 7260 card out and plugged it back in again.



      Wireless card.JPG


      7260 MOUNTED:

      Wireless card mounted.JPG




      Wireless card mSATA mounted.JPG


      Anyway, to no avail, the card remains unknown or not supported.


      Likewise, nothing shows under Windows adapter settings - screenshot below.


      Network Connections.jpg


      In device manager, there is an exclamation mark next to Network controller with an error "The drivers for this device are not installed." Update driver automatically won't work.


      Network Controller.jpg




      What further troubleshooting steps can I do?


      Is this model supported on the D54250WYK: Intel 7260HMWBNWB ??? - I thought so as per my research before purchasing this model.


      Is this a hardware failure? Of the 7260 card? Of the NUC?


      I have a few days left to return the wireless card or the NUC without penalty, so swift support is appreciated.

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          Quite curious as to what drivers Windows installed on its own. I have the D54250WYKH and all the drivers needed to be installed manually by downloading from Intel's download section.


          Saying that, you have the 7260 Wireless N wireless card. Like the NUC drivers which require you to manually download drivers (from another net-connected computer), said wireless card requires drivers from Intel's site.


          Download Center


          Get the right driver (Windows 7 in your case). The latest version of the 7260 series cards is 17.0.5.


          EDIT - Just re-read your question. Where was the card purchased from? The really curious thing is the machine actually sees the card without issue (albeit currently in the 'unknown' device in Device Manager). So it doesn't seem to be an issue with the PCI slot at least. I would have some doubts about the 7260 card as there are some counterfeits around, but if you purchased from someone legit then that's ruled out too.


          Have you tried rebooting after each driver install? Do you have ALL the NUC drivers installed?

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            The card appears to be properly inserted into the slot from such angle. Is the adapter recognized in BIOS (Devices, PCI)?  If not, try a BIOS recovery.

            Perhaps you may want to try powering the system off and remove the power cord before turning on again. This has helped for a different issue.

            Otherwise, I guess either one of them is not working properly.

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              Yes, it was in the end a driver issue.


              On this page




              I eventually downloaded Wireless_17.0.5_all.zip




              And in that zip file launched the setup.exe in the Wireless_17.0.5_Win32 folder


              This solved the problem.


              I think that Intel should improve the documentation / instructions:


              1. Include that software in the driver bundle installed (1st July 2014) WYK-WYB-Win7-32bit-Driver-Bundle-Jul2014 so that user's don't have to search here and there


              2. Make it clear that the "for IT administrators" version should be used. I initially downloaded the other one (for users) and for some reason, it did not work.



              Anyway, both my wireless card and my NUC are good, that's good news.

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                One more thing. The intel driver update utility shows an available update for Bluetooth.




                I have 17.0.1405.0456 installed.


                However, when I click on download now from the update utility, it downloads BT_17.0.1405.02_s32.exe This is exactly the same file that I used yesterday to get to 17.0.1405.456.


                Is the update utility pointing to the wrong file? When I launch it, it gives me the only option to repair or uninstall.

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                  The Intel® Driver Update Utility is probably not detecting properly that you already have the latest driver installed. I will communicate about this behavior.

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                    We are aware and working about this issue with IDUU.