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    Latest Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software change / fix logs - Release notes


      Hi everyone,


      I have been a follower of the forum for some time now and have finally joined up to contribute. In a way I feel indebted to the great people sharing a wealth of information around here, in particular various threads about sporadic dropouts with specific wireless cards!


      I have a fleet of around 80 machines which run Intel Wireless-N 7260's, Windows 8.1, with 802.1x profiles which are now running well as the result of some tweaking and driver updates. Currently we are running the 17.0.2 bundle of drivers and was interested in the latest 17.0.3 release that have been posted.


      My question is; Where can I find the release notes or a log of changes / fixes for these drivers?


      For a long time now I could not find anything in the full bundle ie.'Wireless_17.0.3_all.zip' and have searched within the whole package. I know that specific drivers normally have a link to it at the bottom of the download page but when I search the 7260 it only has links to the Proset.


      I'm hoping I haven't missed something in plain sight but I have been searching for quite a while now.