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    Intel QX6700


      Hello Everyone.
      I aqcuired recently an Intel Qx6700 for my workstation HP XW400.

      When i acquired him, i was thinking in using it to load him at 100% 24/24 doing volunteer computation.

      I have some computers doing this and have never had any problem.
      With this CPU, when it is loaded at 100% the temperatures are at 70-80 degrees

      Is this normal? For what ive read this CPU gets really hot.

      I just would like to know if  this can damage the CPU, or is it prepared for this high temperatures.


      Thanks everyone

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          Hi MeGaBeSuNTa,


          Let me help you with this.


          It is important to say that Intel® processors are made under the high quality standards and are tested as well under heavy workload to assure the proper functionality to our customers so if the processor reaches 80C it is expected due to the workload you are assigning it.


          The processor can even reach up to 100C but after that temperature the system will slow down on performance until the processor shuts down.


          As piece of advice, you can try adding thermal paste to the processor and make sure the air flow inside the case is correct. You can also add (if possible) more fans to the chassis to avoid overheating issues.

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            Hello kevin and thanks for your help.

            I also acquired by now a new cooler and also a special thermal paste and that indeed help.

            However this CPU is alway hot when 4 cores loaded at 100%

            Ive read some feedback of many users and all say that this CPU is simply like this, HOT.

            I dont mind that, i just would like to know if the CPU always working at 100% and with temperatures at 65-75 degrees average, can in anway compromise the life time of the CPU?