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    DQ77KB no video no post no beeps


      I bought a dq77kb mainboard and I cannot get to show information on a display.

      Also the keyboard numlock led does not light up.

      The processor is in the compatible procs list

      its a i3-3220T processor. The cpu fan start to run. I have a headset plugged in and I do not hear any beeps

      When I remove the memory I hear the 3 beeps.


      I can't go to the bios as I can see anything. It appears the usb ports don't get power.

      I would try a bios upgrade if I could, but it doesn't get to that stage. So no POST either. Tried clear CMOS with power cable dettached, doesn't help


      All of this has also been performed out of the chassis with only one memory card in place, no connections but the power switch. It starts running it gives no unusual led activity and no beeps.

      The processor is compatible and I don't have any other processors.

      The power is connected externally and it has 90 Watts. It boots up an hp laptop nicely with no issues.

      I followed all the troubleshooting steps but don't know what else there is I can do.

      I have seen multiple posts regarding similar issues. They have not been answered by Intel here:

      Re: DQ77KB No Video


      Intel DQ77KB->BTKB34500LT5     AA G81483 501

      Intel (BX80637I33220T) i3-3220T (original heatsink)

      Corsair (CMSO16GX3M2A1333C9) 16GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3 1333MHz SODIMM

      Power adapter:

      90W AC adapter for HP notebooks.

      Part Number

      Regulatory Model: Series PPP012H-S
      HP PART NO: 608428-002
      Replace with HP SPARE: 609940-001  A090A00AL-HW01  608428-001

      Technical Specification

      Input: 100 to 240 V~1.5 A 50 to 60 Hz

      Output: 19.0V DC 4.74A 90W MAX

      Efficiency Level: V

      Connector: 3 pin/grounded, mates with interchangeable cords

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          Hello Mutepower, I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your motherboard; however I will be more than happy to assist you on this issue.


          First of all, since you already test the system using minimum configuration and out of the chassis, I really think this is a problem related with the power supply or AC adapter you are using. 

          It is necessary to use a 19V DC power input connector, however it needs to have an output that at least 120W.



          If the issue persisted, even trying a different power source, please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit. Remember that the motherboard needs to be under warranty in order to be replaced. http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport    



          These are some examples of compatible adapters that will work with this board.


          • Bestec:
            • BT-AG151EBF-H 150W    19V
            • BT-AG151EBF 150W    19V
            • BT-AG181EBF-H 180W    19V
          • Delta:
            • ADP-150TB B 150W    19V
          • FSP:
            • FSP120-ABAN1 120W    19V
            • FSP150-ABAN1 150W    19V
            • FSP180-ABAN1 180W    19V
          • LiteOn: 
            • PA-1151-03XX 150W    19V
            • PA-1181-03XX 180W    19V
          • Great Wall:
            • GA120S 120W    19V
            • GA150S 150W    19V




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            Hi I went with your recomendations and bought this compatible adapter from the list

            FSP180-ABAN1 180W    19V
            However it has a Plug 5.5mm/2.5mm plug whilst the dq77kb requires a
            7.4x5.1mm one

            Are there connector tips available to convert to required plug size?

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              I suggest you contacting the manufacture of the adapter so they can give you that information.

              We are using the Delta ADP-135FB B adapter and it fits perfectly.

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                I found the correct connector tip and had it delivered by the US Postal Service since I could not find then in the EU.

                So I got 180 Watts to boot up this device and I still have the exact same issue. No beeps no post no video. The green led is on when connecting the power supply, I hear no beeps when I connect the headset and the cpu fan is spinning.

                I don't hear a beep or something indicating that POST might be doing its checks. Als the Num Lock and mouse connected by cable are not lighting up.

                Please give further instructions.

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                  Contacted support, tried bios recovery by removing the jumper, issue remains, warranty procedure applies.

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                    I got my motherboard back today with a label functional. The issue remains.

                    When I am getting no beeps and I'm using a recommended power adapter and a compatible CPU and the mainboard isn't going into a POST nor providing my keyboard with power, what could be the issue?

                    Could it be that my CPU despite being compatible causes this?

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                      Since you already replaced the board, it has to be something else causing this behavior. can you test the system out of the chassis, or ALL in One?

                      • Can you test another power adapter?
                      • Try using only one memory stick?
                      • Do a clear CMOS?


                      Finally, if any of these steps resolve the problem, I'm afraid that it would be necessary to replace the processor.

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                        I allready bought another adapter you recommended.
                        I tried using one memory stick

                        I tried clearing the CMOS.


                        I  just got the board back and no feedback. I think the CPU might be the problem but I don't have other CPU's or mainboards lying around.

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                          In order to replace the processor please contact our warranty department so they can help you: Contact Support    

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                            Now I had some time to try again I bought a new i3-3220T processor. The issue remains.

                            I even bought a displayport cable to give that a try but that doesn't help as the mainboard doesn't go into a POST or something.

                            I would very much like to know why the board was sent back to me without any details as to how they tested it as they said there was nothing wrong with it.

                            So far I contacted intel support Costa Rica and tried all the steps to recover a mainboard but nothing helped. I tried buying a recommended psu and that didn't help. I then sent it to Intel and they sent it back claiming it works fine. I need to know what they tested because it ain't working here at all.

                            I bought a new identical cpu and that didn't help either. So tell me what to do please. This seems like a good mainboard if it would work so I'm not going to throw it in the bin.

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                              I understand your point Mutepower, and it is hard to say the reason why you are experiencing this behavior.


                              Are you using a regular chassis or is this an ALL in One system?

                              Could you send me some pictures from the system?

                              Would you please also send me a PM (private message) with the service ticket that was given to you? I would like to check some information.



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                                Hi I sent you a pm with a picture, the link is DQ77KB picture

                                I no longer have the ticket number. I can't find an e-mail with the ticket number. A ticket was made with my address and serial number as can be seen on picture. If you need additional info let me know.

                                The screen is black and no POST performs however a signal is received by the display by the mainboard which I determined by coupling it to an HDMI switch however nothing is displayed the post just wont happen. No beeps greend led, see info above.

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                                  Mutepower, I just sent you a PM. Would you please check the inbox.



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                                    I sent you a reply PM 2nd of march pls reply


                                    AA G81483 501


                                    BIOS: -> impossible to provide, there is no post and consequently no access to bios


                                    cpu is a compatible i3-3220T (bought a second one to be sure there was no issue with cpu)

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