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    PROSet/Wireless Silent Install for v17.0


      We're trying to do an autounattend (silent install) of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software. We're using the "Wireless_Win8.1_64_17.0.3.exe" executable and following the instructions found here.The "setup.xml" file has no affect. Please help.

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          Hello Jeff012, thank you very much for your post


          I understand that you have some questions in regards to the Silent installation of wireless drivers and PROSet version 17.0.

          Please note that a silent install provides a method of installing system drivers and software for all currently supported Intel® Wireless Adapters without user intervention.


          The commands will differ slightly depending on the OS. If you are using Windows* 7 the following should work. Make sure to follow the upper/lower case settings as those are important. You may also want to search Microsoft's site as they should have additional examples.





                  <Package Id="WiFi">

                    <Properties>HIDETRAYICON=TRUE HIDETASKTRAYOOBE=TRUE</Properties>




          Additional information could be found at the following URL  http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-030736.htm