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    Galileo heats up and behave strangely


      I'm very excited to get my hands on Galileo.  But the first night didn't go too well.

      1. Chips get very hot.  Not just one, but several. (I am using the power supply and cable that come from Intel.)  In fact, within a few minutes, the PCB board even gets warm.

      2. Analogue inputs all have impossibly low impedance, to the extent that they are not usable.  I uploaded a few analogue sketches including those from IDE examples.  The only way I can get non-zero readings is by connecting them to the board's 5V or 3V pins, somewhere the source impedance is very low. (Voltage readings are correct at low source impedance.)  Even if I connect with a few tens of kilo ohms, the reading will be very close to zero.

      3. USB interface is extremely unstable.  It gets off my Mac at random times.  Very often, if I want to upload another sketch, I have to unpower it and reconnect. (I am testing Arduino functions only.)  The board can be very unstable, too.  For no apparent reason, all 10 digital pins that I connected to an LED bank will go high and the sketch stops.


      I wonder if this is simply a defective unit.

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