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    Is It Safe to Use a Magnetic Screwdriver Around SSD's?


      I recently purchased a 730 240GB.  It came with an Intel "Upgrade Kit" that includes a multi-tip magnetic Intel screwdriver.  Actually, the screwdriver is nice, I like it. 


      I realize that Intel would not ship a tool that would damage its hardware, but I have worked with the assumption that magnets and static electricity should be avoided around disks, chips, and memory, etc.  I guess I have been wrong at least with magnets  --  or do I need to take precautions when using this screwdriver?  I used it to mount the 730 without any issues.


      By the way, I like the 730 too.  I have been using a X25-M 120GB since early 2011,  but I wanted more capacity as each new game seems to be larger than the last one.