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    Intel Galileo: Programming via Wifi


      Hey guys I have been trying to use Wifi on Intel Galileo to upload and execute sketches wirelessly. I am using Windows 8.


      I already set up the Wifi, and I can transfer files to SD card on Intel Galileo. However, I have no idea how to make it execute.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot!!

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          Use SSH - this is a good guide for the various ways of connecting to your Galileo.


          Connecting to Galileo via Linux Console


          If you are on windows, PuTTY is a SSH client that I use to connect to my raspberry pi when it's connected to the router via ethernet.

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            Hey andygmb thanks for your reply.


            I do use PuTTY to communicate with Galileo. The problem is that I have to send and execute Arduino sketches without any wire. In your link all of them requires some forms of wire connections.


            Do you know any way to execute sketches wirelessly in SD card of Galileo, using PuTTY or something similar to PuTTY? Or is there any easier way that allows me to directly upload and execute sketches from Arduino wirelessly?


            Thank you again!

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              Clayton Hofrock

              In addition to transferring the file (and renaming it to be the correct file name, and in the correct location) there are other things that need to happen.

              1. Stop the currently running sketch
              2. Transfer the compiled sketch from the Host to the Galileo
                1. Rename the file to be sketch.elf
                2. Move to the folder /sketch/sketch.elf
              3. Start running the new sketch.
              4. There might be other steps, this is not my area of expertise, just hoping to point you in the right direction.


              If you look in the log window when you download a file via usb, you will see all of the commands that are used to do these steps. 


              Also, if you do accomplish this, please post it here. I would love to see the IDE support this natively.

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                I am new to Galileo, can u pls give the step by step procedure to programming galileo via wifi.