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    2560 x 1440 resolution with the D54250WYK




      The D54250WYK's spec document here states that the MiniHDMI port supports maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz, 24bpp.




      I have a Philips 272P4QPJKEB monitor that supports up to resolution of 2560 x 1440. So I guess that I will get that resolution only when I connect the miniDP out port of the NUC.


      However, I want to "share" the monitor with other sources that have HDMI out only. What kind of KVM switch do I need to use to still get the maximum resolution when the NUC is the active source. Does the KVM have to be DP out and DP in (but then how can I connect my other HDMI sources to the KVM)?

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          A bit more research shows that KVM switches that you connect to a monitor with Displayport typically also have Displayport inputs. I have not seen any hybrid KVM switch where you could plug in either HDMI or Displayport as an input.


          So could I buy one of these, for example the Belkin F1DN104P, and use a passive HDMI -> Displayport converter to plug in the other source devices that don't have a Displayport, but just HDMI?


          Something like this:


          KVM switch (KVM DP out) ------> (DP) Monitor

            (KVM DP1 in) <------------------------------------------------------- (DP)   D54250WYK

            (KVM DP2 in) <--- (HDMI to DP passive converter) <-------- (HDMI) Laptop

            (KVM DP3 in) <--- (HDMI to DP passive converter) <-------- (HDMI) Other source

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            Hi pp-nuc, I just wanted to inform you that we do not use KVMs for our tests. Hopefully another user will be able to help you with your question.

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              I know this is an old thread, but I want to confirm that I am running 2560x1440 at 59/60 Hz over HDMI on my D54250WYKH.  When I upgraded from an HD to a WQHD monitor I also bought a DP cable because I thought that I would need it.  Turns out HDMI works fine.


              I think that the spec sheet for this NUC with the HD5000 graphics says that it's not possible, but with the latest BIOS and drivers, it is.