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    DP45SG Board will not reboot after restart


      I recently installed a new DP45SG board after having the original fail due to a short caused when plugging in a SATA cable. The new board has worked flawlessly EXCEPT when Windows is restarted either manually or automitically following a software update or when the machine is powered off. It will reboot only when the reset button is pressed, Once reset is pressed, the machine reboots as it should.


      Also when I attempt to restart my computer, Windows will not shut down automatically but must be shut down manually from the Task Manager. Once it shuts down, it will not reboot until the reset button is pushed. If I turn the machine off,from the off/on power switch,  it usually, but not always, reboots without pressing the reset button. A friend suggested that I should try reversing the +/- connectors on the motherboard. Initially, I thought that this might be a Windows problem rather than a MB problem. However, after seeing others having similar problems after powering off or after power failures, I wonder.


      Does anyone have any ideas?