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    Do Intel dx79sr desktop motherboards support Xeon E5-2690v2 processors?


      unfortunately the info on the web is not 100% clear. i can see there is support for Xeon e5-2680v2 but I have tried a 2690 and the motherboard only gets to POST code 00. Is this because the BIOS does not support the processor or for some other reason?


      it would also be great to hear from Intel which processors are supported in each BIOS version. The BIOS readme's indicate new processors are supported but not which ones. There is the ark compatibility tool which I have been redirected to in the past, only to find information on it is not up to date. How do I get confirmation for this?


      it seems that some bios versions were released after the processor so I would hope they support processors with the same socket.


      thanks in advance.






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