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    Problem with Profiles for NUC video drivers on Windows 8


      I have had a NUC D34010WYKH for few weeks now. I ran into a


      Problem: Cannot change back to the default video profile.


      When I right-click on the desktop and go to [ Graphics Options > Profiles ] there are 3 options: Brighten Video, Darken Video, Enhance Video

      I made the mistake of selecting one of these options and I can no longer turn it off. In other words cannot switch to the default settings (all 3 profiles are excessive in my opinion). I tried creating new profile, but still could not get rid of the video "enhancements".


      How do I switch to the original settings without having the video too dark/bright/color-enhanced?


      The system has Windows 8 Pro with Media Center (did not want to upgrade to 8.1 because reports of problems with DRM in WMC in relation to SiliconDust HDHR Prime).

      Currently running BIOS 0026 and graphics driver ver I briefly had ver, but downgraded in hope to fix the problem. It is present in both version or I am overlooking something.