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    Correct way to update BIOS


      I've read a couple of times on this forum that the correct way to update a BIOS is by avoiding jumps between versions,


      here: https://communities.intel.com/thread/51162

      and here:https://communities.intel.com/thread/52658


      Too bad that I didn't read that in the official documentation, because on my NUC 2820 I've been updating from v. 15 to v. 34 in one single step, and now I'm wondering whether the freezings (and many other problems...) that I'm experiencing are caused by that procedure.


      In this case, which is the best way to roll back? Should I go from v. 34 to v. 32 to v. 28 and on and on? And then up again... Or could I just go down directly to v. 21 or even v. 15?


      Thanks for your help!

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          I think that advice is wrong. IMO the CORRECT way is to install the latest and then reset it to defaults.


          That should clear any residual data from the old version.Then change any settings you need to.

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            Hi firminmaillard,


            Let me help you.


            You can try going back to a previous version however we always recommend going in order even if is downgrading or upgrading.

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              Is it really considered necessary to install all intervening BIOS versions to get to a new one?


              I've got some NUCs with BIOS version 015.  In the Intel Download Center I see versions 021, 025, 028, 032, 034, 037, 038, 039, 040, 041, 042, 045, 047, and 048.


              I'm really, really hoping that the only supported upgrade path to current doesn't involve doing 14 BIOS upgrades on each NUC, but I'm not getting good results from upgrading directly from 015 to 047.

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                You can skip 1 or 2 but it is not recommendable to jump from the original to the latest version. This is because every single BIOS update contains many changes and fixes for the system so adding so going to the latest BIOS version from the original can brick the board.


                Kevin M

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                  Saying I can skip "1 or 2" versions is a bit vague - does it really matter how many I skip, or just that I upgrade through specific versions?


                  We've got around 60 NUCs to install.  Even if we only install every third of the 14 versions available then that leaves us with four or five BIOS upgrades per box for a total of 240 to 300 BIOS upgrades.  That would be an immensely time consuming process.  Surely there must be some actual information concerning what is required to upgrade from 015 and 032 to 047...

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                    The correct way to upgrade the BIOS is installing every single BIOS update. If you skip more than two BIOS updates there is change the chipset will brick so this is why is recommendable to go one by one.

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                      Fortunately we haven't had any problems with bricking when upgrading from 0015 to 0047, or 0032 to 0047, in one step.


                      We're still having some booting issues, but I can't tell if that's due to bugs we'd run into anyway or if it could be due to the BIOS not handling the updates gracefully.