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    Serial Communication between Arduino Uno and Galileo board.


      So I have a sensor that can only be read using the arduino board, but i need the data in my python script running on my Galileo.  Right now I have the arduino script running and it is sending the data over serial, which i can also see using the serial monitor on my connected laptop.  I also have the TX pin on the Arduino connected to the RX pin on the Galileo.


      I tried a few different ways to read data from the ttyS0 port on the Galileo including `cat /dev/ttyS0` and using python serial module.  I have followed Sergy's blog and do have the correct GPIO exported and the values set to allow serial communication. (blog here)  In python i get garbage and using `cat` i get nothing. 


      What am I doing wrong here guys?  Or am I going about this in an entirely roundabout way?


      I don't need a data stream from the arduino, but i do need to be able to recieve sensor data from it from however many sensors that i have attached.