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    Fans on SR2625URLXR speeds up to full speed for 3 seconds then slows down


      Hello everyone,


      We have a server that normally the fans run at normal speed, however recently the machine has been speeding the fans up to full speed in 3 second bursts then slows them back down.  This just started and the computer is close to 3 years old.  I brought up the Intel Active System Console and it doesn't show any problems. Does anyone know what might be causing the fans to speed up?  I am going to clean the inside of the computer this weekend but looking inside it doesn't look like it is very dirty, and I would expect that to speed up slightly, but not go up to full speed like it is doing.  If there is a heat sensor or speed sensor on a fan intermittent, would that cause this behavior?


      Thanks for any suggestions,


      John Wolf