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    Lenovo e420s - Intel 530 SSD Cold Start Issues when unplugged from AC power adapter


      Hi guys,


      I have an Intel 530 ssd as my primary drive in my Lenovo e420s. Originally, I was having the warm restart issues that many have had before the latest DC32 firmware updates. I installed the latest firmware and it fixed the pc's inability to do system restarts. However, now I have this new issue where the laptop won't recognize the SSD at boot when the laptop has been powered down and unplugged from the AC adapter. The battery can be 100% charged and it will still have this issue. This also occurs if the laptop is running then is unplugged to run off battery and after I close the lid it goes to standby and after it's in standby for a while it shuts completely off. If I try to turn it back on without the AC adapter plugged in, the pc fails to recognize the SSD. If I plug in the AC adapter and hard reset the power button, then the PC boots up fine. 


      The bios has AHCI enabled and it has been updated to the latest lenovo version which is 1.38.


      I've put up with it running like this since December 2013. But I realize that I cannot not take my laptop with me on airplanes or in cars do to the fact that I always need to have the AC adapter connected for it to boot if I have the laptop powered off to save battery. Can someone please take a look at this to make my laptop mobile again?