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    How to active GPRS Shield V2.0 Intel Galileo


      Has anyone used this intel GPRS on Galileo

      GPRS Shield V2.0 - Wiki

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          I haven’t used it but it should work since is listed in the document of supported shields, take a look, https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-21855 . I recommend you to check the other models of GPRS listed in the document before you get one yourself and make sure the one you’re getting suit you needs. If you decide to use this model you can download the library from here https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/GPRS_Shield_Suli , this library uses the software serial and hardware library. Software serial is not supported but the hardware serial will use Serial1. To use the examples you need to do small changes to use the Hardware instead of the software serial.


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            This shield use "SoftwareSerial" library and somehow the Intel Galileo Gen 1 doesn't support yet.


            At least the Arduino IDE will raise "Error" like below ....


            1)/Users/Mxxxxx/Downloads/Arduino_Galileo 1.5.3.app/Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/SoftwareSerial/arch/x86/SoftwareSerial.cpp: In constructor 'SoftwareSerial::SoftwareSerial(uint8_t, uint8_t, bool)':

            (2)/Users/Mxxxxx/Downloads/Arduino_Galileo 1.5.3.app/Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/SoftwareSerial/arch/x86/SoftwareSerial.cpp:18:7: error: 'LINUX_SOFTSERIAL_TTY_OBJ' was not declared in this scope

            I don't know why they said support like arduino uno, but the basic library like softwareserial doesn't yet support, what a pain!