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    IRST keeps removing and detecting a raid1 disk


      I'm using Intel Rapid Storage Technology to build a RAID1 volume, based on two Seagate HDD (ST3000DM001-CH166). It works well in some days, and keeps reporting error in other days. The IRST pops up a message says "SATA array disk: Removed.", and one second later it pops up another message saying "Unknown disk on Controller 0, Port 5: Detected.", then a third message saying "SATA/Unknown disk on Controller 0, Port 5: Detected.". Every pop-up is followed by a beep sound from the disk. If I open the IRST software after the first popup message, it shows that one of the two disks (that builds a RAID1 volume) is missing, as shown in the attached screenshot. The error messages pop-up every couple of seconds -- it is really annoying.


      I checked the connection and it seems all disks plug correctly (otherwise it won't work well). I scanned the disks and found no errors. I returned those disks for exchange but the problem did not disappear, so I guess the problem is not on the disk.


      How can I get rid of the annoying error message? Thanks.


      2014.01.12.raid盘丢失Z66D - Copy.png