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      I am using intel board DH87MC. The system is not getting boot for the first time and the display is blank. I got the following error message, when I switch off/on it again, "BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s)... Press "Y" to enter Setup or "N" to cancel and attempt to boot with previous settings.". When I press N the pc restarts and works normally. This error I am getting from the day one. I have contacted Intel support and they've suggested the following to do.
      1. Update the Bios to the latest
      2. Change the CMOS battery
      3. Test the board with Intel recommended components.
      4. Check with another processor.
      I have done with all the suggestions but the issue is still persisting. I have also checked with the Intel communities and its appears to be, similar issue is facing by many users.


      Please help me to get rid of this issue. 



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          Hi DURAI,


          I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you.


          This error you are getting sometimes (not always) happens because the system was Shut Down unexpectedly or when loading or a device is causing a conflict during boot process.


          The steps you have tried so far are very good but I would like you to try some other steps:


          1. Disconnect all components from the motherboard (HDD, Video cards, memory Sticks, Audio Cards, power supply, etc...) and remove the batter for about 20-30 minutes.
          2. Once step one has been done, reconnect the system with minimum configuration. This means the processor, power supply, 1 Memory Stick, No Video or Audio Cards.


          Let me know!


          Kevin M

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for your suggestion..

            I will check and your suggestion and let you know on Monday.



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              I have removed all my components and started with minimum configuration and there is no issue it is booting properly and windows is working fine. Once I have connected my second HDD (it my old 1TB HDD) to the board I am facing the same issue.


              I am waiting for your suggestions.


              Thanks in advance



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                Thanks for the information. So we can confirm the motherboard is working fine and the HDD is causing the problem.


                At this point I think the HDD may have a bad sector and when the system loads it is detecting a wrong configuration with the HDD. You can update the BIOS on the motherboard and look for a Firmware update for this drive.