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    DN2800 boot problem while using USB devices


      Hello everybody.

      I sell devices that include a DN2800MT motherboard.

      Several months ago I had a problem regarding the boot. Process was blocked for minutes on the boot screen. My seller told that it was because of a USB stick joined to the device. Sometimes, some USB sticks have got memory controller problem and the motherboard takes a long time to communicate with. Il manage to solve the problem by changing the USB Stick and all was very good (we sold many devices) until now .


      We have a little electronic board that communicates with motherboard via ftdi component (USB <-> RS232). Due to an obsolescence of this component, we had to replace it with the new version and the problem appears. Boot process stays locked on EB code for about 3 minutes and then the device starts. But this time is really too long and I have to find a solution!


      My BIOS version is MTCDT10N.86A.0166.2013.0427.1030.


      I saw on the forum that I am not alone to face with this issue. I hope I can get a very fast solution.


      Thanks a lot.