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    No Resume on AC power loss MFSYS25V2


      Hi. We have a Intel Modular Server System MFSYS25V2 with one MFS5520VI Compute Module and two MFS2600KI Compute Modules. I want to enable auto power on.

      On the MFS5520VI i have the "Resume on AC Power Loss" option. I set the value "Reset" and this module works well.


      On the MFS2600KI modules i have no this option!!!


      I don`t know what to do. Plz, help me. Maybe there is some secret? First time I meet is.

      Firmware Current Build Version:

      MFS5520VI module:

      BMC Firmwareok1.27.1
      BMC Bootok0.28

      MFS2600KI modules:

      BMC Firmwareok1.0.3616
      BMC Bootok1.14