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    HM65 Express problem with Windows 8.1 - audio not recognized


      Hi all,


      I've got an Asus U31SD laptop, and have recently installed Windows 8.1. For some reason since the first boot the onboard audio (Realtek, I believe) is not detected in device manager, and I get an error under "High Definition Audio Controller" saying "The device could not start". Needless to say I've got no audio.


      I think I am missing some part of the chipset driver but don't know which one and how to install it.


      I've tried formatting and reinstalling Win 8.1 several times, and immediately installing the "chipset driver" from the Asus website (or the newest version one from the Intel website) and the Intel MEI driver, and only afterwards installing the Realtek audio driver (again either from the Asus website or from Realtek website). The problem just persisted. Updating Windows with all available updates did not help either.


      Note that under Windows 7 everything worked fine just a few days ago.

      There also seems to be no option in BIOS to enable/disable the onboard audio.

      I tired manually updating the driver of all components in device manager by pointing it to the most recent Windows 8.1 Intel drivers that I've downloaded, but this did not help.


      Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!