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    How to Enable Team feature in Intel Pro 1000 MT on Windows 2008 R2


      Hello to everybody

      I have problem for installing Intel Proset Software that Enable Team & VLAN feature, but when i install the NIC Adapter Intel Pro 1000 MT in Windows Server 2008 R2, O.S. automatically will installed the drivers without problem but when i try to install the Intel Proset Software on its on the box CD, i see the Error:"cannot install drivers. no Intel  adapters are present in this computer" . I try to download & install the latest driver from Intel support web site Ver. 19.1, but there is the same problem !!! . So, please help me in this regards & answer the following questions:


      1. Can i install the the Intel Proset Software & use VLAN & Team feature for this Adapter Intel Pro 1000 MT ?
      2. Witch version of  Windows 2008 Series i can use for these features ?
      3. Is is any solution possible by upgrading the Adapter firmware


      Best regards, Jalal N.