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    Dropout problem fixed?


      With the update, my dropout problem seems to have been solved.  Anyone else?  Anyhow kudos to Intel for getting to the bottom of the problem - I guess? 


      Why did it take so long?  This should have been a major embarrassment and business risk for a giant corporation, meriting all the talent Intel had to throw at the

      problem.  Was that done?  Was it a really tough bug?


      If anyone is still having the problem and is not a hardware hotdog, I encourage you to think twice before you attempt to swap out the wireless circuitry as other more hardware

      adept contributors to this thread have suggested.  The connectors to the 2230 circuit in my Toshiba were tough to get off and back on again.  And you have to make sure

      whatever you attempt to replace it with fits.


      Anyhow I suspect this is now a non-issue?